How to be a Woman’s Woman

Stronger Together
We are stronger together.


Okay, this one is for the ladies out there.
Question – have you ever been in the bathroom at a bar late at night? The time of night when everyone is a little tipsy (or more)? Have you ever listened in on the conversations going on in there?

Every encounter I’ve had in this situation not once have I heard one female arguing with another. It’s actually been the complete opposite. I’ve seen complete strangers rallying around another comforting her because her boyfriend broke up with her, or I would hear compliments left and right trying to build each other up.

This left me wondering – why can’t we be this unified on a regular basis? Why do we, as women, put down, sabotage, compete over everything, and always try to one-up each other?

Ladies, we need to get our shit together. Seriously. How can we expect (which we should totally and completely expect and demand if necessary) men to respect us if we don’t even respect each other? Men see how we act toward each other, how we treat each other, how we speak to each other, and how we speak about each other. Would that command your respect?

This has become our norm. this has become our society. So … do we want this nastiness toward each other to continue? I don’t think we do.

Can we reverse this travesty that is now our reality? My opinion is yes, yes we can. And we can start by becoming a woman’s woman.

What is a woman’s woman? A woman’s woman is the type of woman who embodies the qualities we want our best friend to possess.


Best friends
We should support each other.


5 Behaviors a Real Woman’s Woman Will and Will Not Do


1. They do not entertain or try to get the attention of a man who is already taken. There are times a woman may not know a man is taken because he lied, but, as soon as she finds out (which she will eventually find out guys), she will drop him like a hot potato. No woman wants to have to worry about their friend “stealing” their man. You wouldn’t want it done to you so don’t do it to someone else.

2. A woman’s woman doesn’t put other women down, they help build other women up. Why would you want to put someone down anyway? I don’t know about you but putting someone down never makes me feel better or good about myself. It always ultimately makes me feel like crap. It definitely doesn’t make me look any better. It creates a look of pettiness, insecurity, and jealousy.
3. A woman’s woman doesn’t sabotage another woman. We should rejoice in each other’s wins because that is a win for us as well. As a woman, you should be the biggest supporter of another woman.

4. This kind of goes for people in general: don’t be judgmental. You never know what someone has gone through or is currently going through. They could be having the worst day of their life and a simple smile or a little understanding and compassion from you could literally save their life.

5. A woman’s woman is honest, not only with herself but with others. This is a big one. If there is a problem – be honest, discuss it so you can work on the issue and move on. Don’t be what I call “fake nice.” Don’t pretend to be okay with someone or something they did only to talk negatively about hem behind their back. I have seen so many arguments, issues, fights, and friendships end over this very thing.
If someone comes to you and tells you they have an issue, try to listen without getting defensive so we can be honest and get to the root of the problem and work on fixing it. Honesty is not a bad thing. It can help us grow.

Girl Power

I have a challenge for all the women reading this – let’s be the example.

Let’s be the woman we want other women to be for us. Let’s be each other’s support system, best friend, confidant, strength when we don’t have enough. Tearing each other down only makes it easier for others to diminish our worth, as well. We are women. We are strong. We are valuable. We are warriors. There is no need to feel we can only get ahead or look better by making other women look and or feel inferior. Let’s be the examples for our daughters, sisters, cousins, nieces, and any other female who may look up to us. If we are competitive (and that is completely okay if done in the right way), let’s keep it healthy and constructive. We must stop hindering and hurting each other. We are not each other’s enemies. Let’s all be a woman’s woman.







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