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5 Sneaky Ways To Teach Kids Without Them Even Knowing It

So I got to thinking, how else can we sneak a few educational lessons into our kids (especially during those long christmas, spring, summer and other breaks from school they have) without them realizing it? Now some kids (not all but some) want nothing to do with learning or education especially once they are out of school.  Tablets, Xbox’s, playstations, phones, and, basically, anything electronic is what they’re consumed with, so, sneaking in a few educational lessons can be tricky.  That doesn’t mean it doesn’t have to be fun, though, right?!?!


7 Free (Or Almost Free) Date Night Ideas

Date night. 

Say what?!?!

Who the heck has time for date night with all the other things I have going on in my life?  Right?!?!  That’s what you’re thinking, and hey, I hear ya.  I totally get it.  Hello, mother of four awesome kids here plus two great, amazing stepsons.  So trust me when I say I know how hard it is making time to take a shower much less having a date night.


5 Steps to Begin Effective Communication for a Trusting Relationship

Effective communication is a big key in maintaining healthy relationships with the people in our lives, whether it be our significant other or our bosses. If we can’t or don’t get our point across in an effective and respectful manner how are we to expect to get the results we desire to achieve? We can’t and won’t.


Trust ~ A Fickle Thing

What makes a strong, healthy, happy relationship? Is it communication? Well … that’s a big part of it. What about respect? Yeah … that’s definitely important. Honesty? You betcha. Loyalty? Commitment? Compromise? Patience? Fun? Yes. All of those are key components in making a happy, healthy relationship, but they’re only a part of it. Please don’t think I am trying to undervalue them because I definitely am not at all. They are all huge, important factors, but they are all components that come together to make up the most important thing of all … trust.